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Our Design Service
At Studio Booth we are very experienced in transforming ideas into beautiful and practical family homes. We do not charge for this initial consultation which includes layout discussions and construction estimates. If you would like to chat about your project then do give our designers a call on 07901 913 918 or email contact@studio-booth.co.uk.
Our role as Architectural Designer means that we lead the design of your project with you.
This involves:
  • Acting as the client interface for all third parties, coordinating professional service providers and other suppliers 
  • Producing refined planning drawing packaging for submission to the local planning and building control authority
  • Developing detailed drawings, schedules and specifications for building control, pricing and construction 
Our role as Project Manager means that we manage the building contract on your behalf.
This involves:
  • Cost planning and tendering the building and supervision of works prior to negotiating the builder’s contract
  • Answering technical questions throughout the build and beyond
  • Budget tracking and project risk management
  • Inspecting on-site works at meetings with the builder and reporting progress
Our role as Project Wall Surveyor means that we ensure party wall compliance throughout your project.
This involves:
  • Producing a schedule of the condition of the neighbouring properties to record pre-existing defects
  • Preparing and serving all necessary Party Wall Notices 
  • Obtaining Party Wall Awards to ensure the protection of interests for both client and Adjoining Owner under the Party Wall Act
  • Monitoring and recording of the building works 


Together we’ll work through all your dreams and aspirations to create your dream home.